US Retail Sales Fall For Third Straight Month (A Nightmare on Main Street?)

U.S. retail sales unexpectedly fell in February for a third month, adding to signs that consumer spending — the biggest part of the economy — is easing after strong gains in the fourth quarter. Overall sales fell 0.1 percent after a revised 0.1 percent decrease in January, and missed the median economist forecast for a 0.3 percent gain. Stripping out purchases at automobile dealers and gasoline stations, sales were up 0.3 percent, in line with estimates. So-called retail-control group sales, used to calculate gross domestic product and which exclude food services, gasoline, building materials and motor vehicles, rose 0.1 percent, missing estimates for a 0.4 percent gain.


Amazon’s on-line “revolution” has helped reduce retail store sales, even for food. And healthcare!


And low wage growth isn’t helping.


Here is a photo of Jeff “Freddie” Bezos from the film “A Nightmare on Main Street.” At least for retailers.


3 thoughts on “US Retail Sales Fall For Third Straight Month (A Nightmare on Main Street?)

  1. And don’t forget, these monthly retail sales figures are not even adjusted for inflation, so it’s actually worse than it looks. But not to worry, the Fed will help out by raising interest rates next week. LOL….


  2. Business inventories rose as sales fell, and the Atlanta Fed reduced its 1Q GDP estimate; we are already starting to see the yield curve respond to the last few days of data. 5s30s now at 46 bps. Won’t be long now!!

    The Fed will continue to hike rates in 2018, all the way into a recession. Why? I have no idea, but it’s what they always do when they have blown a massive bubble and have no clue what to do next.

    Don’t worry, though, everything is “contained”.


    1. Why? Because thanks to their assymetric monetary policy, they are so far “behind the curve” that they are almost in front of it.
      The Fed – always wrong, but never in doubt.


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