Deutsche Bank – The Ultimate TBTF Bank (or G-SIB) With Total Assets 45.3% Of Economy

Deutsche Bank is the poster child of “Too Big To Fail.” Its stock price has plummeted since before The Great Recession and never recovered. (Italian bank Unicredit is even worse!).


Both Deutsche Bank and Unicredit are G-SIBs (Global Systemically Important Banks). But Deutsche Bank has the honor (or horror) of having  the highest total asset in percent of GDP of any bank at 45.3%.


Think about that. With a fragile Eurozone, Brexit and … Italy, a Deutsche Bank failure could be disastrous for Germany. And the European banking system.

While Deutsche’s capital ratios seem fine, their net revenue growth of 2018 is projected to be -14.8%. 


And Deutsche leads global banks in Q1 trading losses in terms of Value at Risk (VaR). a 12x VaR trading blowup.

DB loss in context

In you think a big bank like Deutsche Bank can’t fail and create global shock waves, remember that the Germans thought the WWII battleship Bismarck was unsinkable too. 


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