Consumer Debt Up Almost 50% Since Fed’s QE Began, Mortgage Debt Down 1.66% (Consumer Debt Now Tops $4 Trillion, Student Loans Up 128% Since Q4 2008)

If The Federal Reserve’s goal was to pile more and more debt on consumers, it achieved its goal!

According to a recent study by The Federal Reserve of New York’s Center for Microeconomic Data, as of Q4 2018, US Consumer Debt has topped $4 trillion.

That is an increase in consumer debt since The Fed started their asset purchase programs of 48%.


Mortgage debt, on the other hand, has fallen 1.66% since The Fed began purchasing assets in Q4 2008.

Student loans are up 128% since Q4 2008.

So if The Fed’s goal was to saddle millions of households with consumer debt and student loans ,,,, Mission Accomplished!!!

Then there is the $22 triillion in Federal debt …






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