US Core “Inflation” Falls To 2.1% From 2.4% Despite Massive Fed Intervention

The G-7 Central Banks have gone wild lowering their target rates and increasing balance sheet purchases.

Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 7.41.55 AM

The US “inflation” numbers for March


Despite fears of runaway, Jimmy Carter-style inflation, core inflation actually fell to 2.1% YoY.


One of the culprits? Declining airline fares and lodging away from home (courtesy of MacroMarkets). This is similar to the post 9-11 recession issues.


The US Inflation Swap Forward 5Y5Y is only 1.9160%.


And Treasury Inflation Protection Securities (TIPS) continue to have negative yields.


Of course, no country does inflation like Venezuela and Argentina!


Is The Fed turning liquidity into cottage cheese?

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