DOVE Alert! S&P 500, Gold, Bitcoin Rise After Powell Goes Full DOVE, UST 10Y Yield Falls

Well, I was expecting a little more guidance than Fed Chair Powell gave today at the J-Hole conference. In fact, failing to give a hard date on paring back the balance sheet and raising rates is downright dovish. A regrettable incident.

As a result of Powell’s dovish talk, GOLD, BITCOIN and the S&P500 index rose.

The S&P 500 index rose almost 1% today while the 10Y Treasury yield dropped 4 bps.

2 thoughts on “DOVE Alert! S&P 500, Gold, Bitcoin Rise After Powell Goes Full DOVE, UST 10Y Yield Falls

  1. Good Morning Prof Sanders.

    I have clients that are selling their

    parents home. Parents seemed to

    have taken out a Reverse Mortgage

    about 8 years ago for about the

    same value it is worth today.

    I remember, I believe in your class

    (Finance 772; Spring 1997) learning

    that it was not a good investment;

    however, I cannot find that part

    in your book (the cover is

    “orange” 😃).

    Is that true?? Any thoughts.

    Told my clients that I would

    get back with them.

    Thank you,

    Brett Reid

    Sent from my iPhone



    1. Brent, are you asking whether reverse mortgages are a good investment? Or good idea? I generally advise against reverse mortgages (although they are better now than in the 1990s) since his parents may not be able to afford house up-keep combined with growing medical bills. Are his parents still alive? Moved into a healthcare facility? Dead?


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