Don’t Cry For Argentina! Argentina to Hike Interest Rates to 75% as Inflation Nears 100%

Don’t cry for Argentina! That have never recovered from electing Socialist Juan Peron (and his wife Eva), Argentina’s version of Joe Biden and Jill.

Inflation is so horrendous in Argentina (near 100%) that their central bank is hiking their interest rates to 75%.

I remember calling the Argentina Central Bank trying to ask them questions about the root causes of Argentina’s inflation. As a dismal speaker of Spanish, I kept saying “Hablo Inglish?” The person at the Argentina Central Bank responded “Si, habla Inglish.” (I had asked him if I speak Spanish to which he responded, yes, you speak English). He finally hung up the phone on me.

Here are Joe and Jill Biden waiving to the crowds as they celebrate spending trillions of dollars and sending the US budget deficit up by $4.8 TRILLION!

I’m sorry. That is a photo of Argentinian Socialists Juan and Evan Peron. Here are the US’s version of Juan and Evan Peron.

Banana (Republic) Biden??