Stimulypto! US REAL 10Y Yield, REAL Fed Funds Target Rate And REAL Wage Growth Have Been Negative Under “Inflation Joe” Biden And Overly Generous Fed

Like the Mel Gibson movie “Apocalypto!”, we are seeing the US middle class and low-wage workers being economically sacrificed by The Federal Reserve, the Biden Administration and Congress.

Despite the rhetoric that Fed stimulus (aka “Stimuypto!”) is being removed, the US remains plagued by NEGATIVE real 10-year Treasury yields, NEGATIVE real Fed Funds Target rate and NEGATIVE real average hourly earnings growth under Inflation Joe.

This chart demonstrates the Stimulytpo problem. Prior to Covid, US wage growth was consistently higher than headline inflation. But starting in March 2021, three months after Biden became President, headline inflation became higher than wage growth.

Even with all these negative REAL rates, the US economy is forecast to have almost no growth in 2023.

To quote Peggy Lee, Is That All There Is?