Now, About Biden’s Employment Claim Of Most Jobs Created (Trump Added 2x More Jobs Post Covid-recession Than Biden)

Recently, the White House claimed that the Biden Administration created more jobs (per month) than Trump, Obama, George W Bush, George HW Bush, Clinton and Reagan.

It always helps to be elected President after a recession when the economy naturally snaps back from the economic doldrums (like Obama after the financial crisis, Clinton after the first Gulf War, Reagan after Carter).

So let’s look at job totals under Trump, the COVID lockdowns, the ensuing economic damage, and the Biden “rebound.” In a brief two months in early 2020 thanks to COVID and lockdowns, the US economy lost 22.362 MILLION jobs. But the snap-back effect under Trump was 12.342 MILLION jobs added back by the time Biden was sworn-in as President.

Under his term as President, Biden has benefited from “Snap-back inertia” and saw 6.215 MILLION jobs added in just a year. Pretty impressive, except that it is about half the snap-back effect experienced under Trump.

How about REAL wage growth (nominal wage growth less inflation)? Real wage growth was higher under Trump and has been declining under Biden. Strange that the White House isn’t bragging about declining real wage growth under Biden.

Let’s see how Omicron impacts the labor market and whether Biden/Psaki will take credit for the snap-back from Omicron.

Call this the Biden malaise (or Ka-malaise) for wage growth. Where inflation nukes positive wage gains.

Here is Vice President Ka-mailse singing “He’s me pal!” about Biden’s fantastic jobs recovery.