Should Speaker Pelosi Replace Cramer At CNBC Investing Club? (Insider Trading Of Impending Regulations And Government Spending IS Insider Information And Should Be ILLEGAL)

I thought US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was going to retire, but now it looks like she wants to keep inside trading with information about regulation and government spending that investors don’t have.

Today, her investments were released for the last two weeks of December.

Largely, her investments were in call options for Disney, Saleforce, Roblox, Micron and Google (Alphabet).

I would prefer that she retire and replace Cramer on CNBC’s Mad Money. So she could bang the gong instead of her gavel. Or call it CNBC Investing Club with Nancy Pelosi.

Her defense that she should be allowed to invest in stocks and options since the US is a free-market economy was comical at best, and extremely hypocritical at worst.