Biden Administration Has Approved $4.8 Trillion of New Borrowing & Budget Deficit (Mocking Taxpayers Bird??)

The Biden Administration celebrated their irresponsible spending splurge on the White House lawn with boring singer James Taylor droning several tunes. But why is Biden celebrating driving up Federal debt by $4.8 TRILLION???

According to the Committee for a Responsible Budget (what a misnomer for insane-spending Congress and the Biden Administration), the Biden Administration has just approved $4.8 TRILLION in new Federal borrowing, leading to an increase in the budget deficit of another $4.8 TRILLION.

With a Democrat majority in The House, and VP Harris with the tie-breaker in the Senate, it is hardly surprising that Democrats have gone on a legendary spending spree which has helped drive inflation to 40 year highs.

Particularly since Fed monetary policy and “green” spending has resulted in a seismic shift in wealth towards the 1% under Obama and Biden.

Celebrate … making the 1% even wealthier. The “genius” of former Fed Chair and current Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.