How Biden And Congress Helped Crush Netflix Stock Price (Declining REAL Earnings Led To Crash In Neflix Subscriptions)

Netflix, the movie and TV show subscription service, suffered an extraordinary decline in its stock price. But like the film “Margin Call” that pretends the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy in 2008 was a surprise, it really is no surprise that Netflix is getting crushed. Why? Thanks to Bidenflation, millions of American households are suffering (REAL average hourly earnings are declining under Biden) and many of those were Netflix subscribers.

Netflix’ earnings per share soared when Biden was first installed as President, likely due to effects of Biden’s/Pelosi’s/Schumer’s Covid stimulus. But alas, fiscal stimulus is short-lived but the negative effects of inflation are long-lasting.

Inflation Joe, the bully of the middle class and low-wage workers. But at least millionaires will get more electric cars charging stations! /sarc