Livin’ In Biden’s Paradise! Percentage Of NYSE Stocks Closing Above 200 Day Moving Average Collapses To 13.48% (Bollinger Band, Fibonacci, Elliott Wave, Ichimoku)

My 401k is Livin’ in Biden’s Paradise.

The percentage of NYSE stocks closing above the 200 day moving average has collapsed to 13.48% as The Fed tightens to fight Bidenflation.

Bollinger Bands? The lower band is near breaking.

Fibonacci retracement? NOT retracing.

Elliott Wave? I feel like I am at the bottom at Nazare, Portugal.

Ichimoku cloud? The NYA index is so far below the cloud it has landed.

Yes, I feel like my 401k is surfing at Nazare, Portugal.

Sink The Bismarck! German 10yr REAL Yield Plunges To -7.89% (US REAL 10yr Yield At -4.43%)

Sink The Bismarck! Or at least sink the German economy.

Between going green and the war in Ukraine, Germany is seeing economic distress (high inflation) and a -7.89% Real 10yr yield. At least the US is seeing “only” a -4.43% REAL 10yr Treasury yield.

Like the US, I wonder who in Germany studied game theory? That is, going green leaves nations vulnerable to foreign nations oil and natural gas supplies. Like Russian natural gas.

The Nash equilibrium is a decision-making theorem within game theory that states a player can achieve the desired outcome by not deviating from their initial strategy. In the Nash equilibrium, each player’s strategy is optimal when considering the decisions of other players.

Unfortunately, the US and Germany have deviated from the initial strategy are are paying dearly with skyrocketing energy prices. Particularly as we enter the winter season.

So, who blew up the Nordstream natural gas pipeline going from Russia to Germany?

I can take a guess.

Living In An Inverted (Bond) World! 19 Nations Have Negative 10yr-2yr Yield Curves (As US Housing Inventory For Sale In SOARING Out West)

We are living in an inverted (bond) world!

19 nations now have inverted 10yr-2yr yield curves.

And housing inventory for sale growth is soaring out West and in Tennessee?

At least Ohio is seeing a modest increase in housing inventory for sale.

On a parting note (before I watch the Ohio State Buckeyes annihilate the Rutgers Scarlet Knights tomorrow at 3pm EST, reverse repos parked overnight at The Fed just hit an all-time high. Apparently, banks don’t believe Janet Yellen’s inflation is transitory mumbo-jumbo.

UMich Buying Conditions For Houses Remain Depressed As Fed Tightens (Fed’s Brainard Calls For Fed To Keep Tightening!)

Bidenflation and The Fed’s counter-attack has caused considerable damage to the housing and mortgage markets.

Today, the University of Michigan consumer sentiment indices were released for September. Of note, buying conditions for houses remained in the tank.

Meanwhile, Fed Vice Chair Lael “Brainless” Brainard is calling for The Fed to NOT stop tightening money and raising interest rates.

As The Fed tightens, the entire range of Agency MBS TBA (to be announced) are under $100.

For example, the FNCL 2.5% TBA is now 84-17. And falling like a paralyzed falcon.

Here is Brainard with Fed Chair Jerome “Foul Owl” Powell, the dynamic duo of crashing markets.

Wipe Out! $32 TRILLION In Stock Value Wiped Out (US Core Deflator Rises To 4.9% Prompting Taylor Rule Fed Target Rate Of 9.65%, We Are Currently At 3.25%)

Wipe out!

$32 TRILLION of global stock value has been wiped out since December 2021.

Today’s core PCE deflator reading of 4.9% YoY shows that the inflation surge is not over. With a core PCE deflator of 4.9%, the Taylor Rule suggests that The Fed Funds Target Rate should be at 9.65%, far below its current level of 3.25%. So, IFF The Fed is following any sort of rule, rates should continue to soar.

And if we use headline inflation of 8.30% YoY, the Taylor Rule suggests hiking the target rate to 14.75%.

After yesterday’s dismal Q2 report of -0.6%, I fully anticipate a recession. Ain’t this a kick in the … head.

Fire! European Stock Valuations Lowest Since 2012 On Strong King Dollar, Atlanta Fed GDPNow Q3 Drops To 0.271% (Bostic Calls For 1.25 MORE Rate Increase)

Fire! European stock valuations have dropped to lowest since 2012.

The US Dollar index is soaring (not helping Europe) as The Federal Reserve tightens monetary policy to combat the inflation fire.

Meanwhile, the Atlanta Fed’s GDPNow real-time forecast for Q3 is at least above zero (barely) at 0.271%.

Fed officials continued to hammer home the central bank’s hawkish outlook, with Atlanta President Raphael Bostic saying he backs raising rates by a further 1.25 percentage points by the end of this year. Meanwhile, the People’s Bank of China said it will accelerate usage of targeted loans.

Bond volatility is increasing.

The US Treasury 10-year yield was down -20 basis points yesterday and is up +10 basis points today. This is the Fed’s Rollercoaster effect.

The Dow is down another 400 points today as The Fed’s Sugar Rush is ending. Perhaps The Federal Reserve main building in Washington DC should be renamed “The Sugar Shack.”

In related news, apparently the Biden Administration is going to replace Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen with … anybody else??

Meanwhile I will have a bottle of wine to kill the pain of inflation and Fed tightening.

When Temporary Seems Permanent: Overnight Repos Hit All-time High, $2.366 TRILLION (MOVE Bond Volatility Index Near Covid Recession High)

When temporary seems permanent?

Banks get to park money at The Federal Reserve overnight in the form of repurchase agreements (or repos). But as inflation is raging in the US, banks have parked a record $2.366 TRILLION at The Federal Reserve.

The MOVE bond volatility index keeps rising as inflation roars and The Fed fights back,

The US bond volatility index is now almost as high as during the Covid Crisis and approaching financial crisis levels.

Flight To Safety! US 10yr Treasury Yield FALLS -12.2 BPS, UK 10yr Yield FALLS -46.6% BPS (UK Natural Gas Futures UP 16.37%)

It is going to be a bad day in markets. As I often mentioned in my classes, any 10 basis point shift in Treasury yields is a big deal.

On the bond side, the US Treasury 10-yr yield fell -12.2 basis points as investors run for cover. The UK 10 yr yield fell -46.6 basis points.

On the commodity side, we see WTI crude up 1.12%, heating oil up 1.92% and … UK Natural Gas Futures up 16.37%.

The natural gas leak in the Baltic Sea might have something to do with global jitters.

Here is a map of the gas leak.

I will have to turn on “The View” to find out who sabotaged the natural gas pipeline. /sarc

No, I don’t think Biden yelling at gasoline companies to lower prices has anything to do with market turmoil today. Its just another day under Joe Biden.

Mortgage Applications Shrink To Lowest Level In 25 Years As Mortgage Rates Cross The 7% Rubicon (Refi Apps DOWN 84% YoY, Purchase Apps DOWN 29% YoY)

Alea iacta est (the dice is cast).

Mortgage applications have fallen to the lowest level in 25 years, in part due to The Federal Reserve’s tightening of monetary policy in an attempt to combat inflation.

Mortgage Net Daily is showing that 30-year fixed mortgage rates are 7.08%.

Mortgage applications decreased 3.7 percent from one week earlier, according to data from the Mortgage Bankers Association’s (MBA) Weekly Mortgage Applications Survey for the week ending September 23, 2022.

The Refinance Index decreased 11 percent from the previous week and was 84 percent lower than the same week one year ago. The seasonally adjusted Purchase Index decreased 0.4 percent from one week earlier. The unadjusted Purchase Index decreased 1 percent compared with the previous week and was 29 percent lower than the same week one year ago.

Escape From LA! US Home Prices “Cool” To 15.77% YoY In July As Fed Tightens (Miami And Tampa FL Only Metro Areas Over 30% YoY) 12 Of 20 Metro Areas Experienced NEGATIVE Growth From June To July

Welcome to DeSantisville! Miami and Tampa Florida are the only metro areas in the nation (at least of the top 20 metro areas) growing at >30% growth in home prices.

But at the national level, the Case-Shiller National home price index “cooled” to 15.77% growth YoY as The Fed continues to tighten.

My former home, Phoenix AZ, finally is no longer the fastest growing metro area in terms of home prices, relinquishing the crown to Miami and Tampa FL.

It almost seems that people are trying to escape the mess Gavin Newsome made in California and are escaping to Arizona, Nevada, Florida and Texas. But note that all 20 metro areas are positive in growth YoY, but 12 of the top 20 metro areas experienced NEGATIVE growth from June to July.

Any questions as to whether The Fed is killing the housing and mortgage markets??

On a different note, we see all hell breaking out in Great Britain. Like the US, Great Britain’s inflation is off the charts and the Bank of England is scared about the Pound getting pounded with BofE tightening.

Is FLA governor Ron DeSantis actually Snake Pliskin??