Reversal Of Fortune! How Fed Monetary Stimulus And Federal Covid “Relief” Made The 1% Wealthier And The Bottom 50% Worse Off (Fed Anticipated To Raise Rates By 100 BPS At Next Two Meetings)

The Covid epidemic was bad enough with the government shutdowns and deaths. But was even worse is that all the Fed monetary stimulus and Federal government stimulus “relief” led to a reversal of fortune. In that, the share of net worth held by the top 1% grew and the gap between the 1% and bottom 50% hit an all-time high.

Now that the 1% have fed at the Federal trough, The Fed is anticipated to raise rates by 100 basis points at the next two meetings.

Remember, REAL average hourly earnings are getting crushed under Biden and his pro-1% policies.

This is a nightmare for the American middle-class and lower-wage households.