German Inflation Hits 60-Year-High As German 10Y Bund Rises +9.4 BPS, US 10Y-2Y Curve Stabilizes At 25.8 BPS After Initial Fed Shock (Mr. President, Have Pity Of The Working Man)

German inflation hit another post-World-War-II record high, piling pressure on The ECB’s need to exit from crisis-era stimulus after numbers from Spain also printed hotter than expected.

Driven by soaring energy and food costs, this morning’s data showed consumer prices in Europe’s largest economy surged 8.7% YoY – far hotter than the +8.1% expected (the highest since the start of the monthly statistics in 1963).

And top of that, the German 10-year Bund rate rose +9.4 BPS this morning, although Finland, Hungary and Slovakia all rose above +10 BPS.

While US markets are closed today in honor of Memorial Day, the US Treasury curve (10Y-2Y) has stabilized at 25.8 basis points after the initial shock of The Fed finally raising rates for the first time under Biden.

Then there is this headline: Biden to Meet Powell to Discuss Economy Amid Inflation Pain. So much for Fed independence. I wonder if Powell will say “Joe, have you ever considered canceling your executive orders on oil and natural gas exploration?”

Or perhaps Powell can bring Randy Newman to The White House to sing “Mr. President, have pity of the working man.”

OR maybe Biden can tell Powell to pause monetary tightening to avoid mortgage rates from rising to disastrous levels.