US Treasury 6-Month Yield Back Over 5% (Back To 2007 And The Financial Crisis As The Fed Withdraws Liquidity)

Well, here we are again. Back to 2007 and the housing bubble and subsequent financial crisis. The US Treasury 6-month yield is back over 5%, a yield we haven’t seen since August 8, 2007.

Well, there is one notable difference. The Fed’s balance sheet is still at $8.4 TRILLION whereas it was only $866 billion on August 8, 2007.

The US Treasury yield curve? It remains deeply inverted as The Fed withdraws liquidity.

And then we have this diddy. US household debt balances increase, the largest nominal quarterly increase in 20 years.

Also, we have the year-over-year EPS growth has turned negative for the first time since Covid.

MIA. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.