UMich House Buying Conditions Falls To 71 As Fed Monetary Stimulypto Continues! (10Y-2Y Treasury Curve Slipping Into Darkness)

The University of Michigan consumer survey is out for February. And an ugly survey is it! Buying conditions for housing fell to 71 as The Federal Reserve continues it monetary stimulypto!

Despite 7.5% inflation, The Fed continues its “Stimulytpo” monetary policy.

As the US Treasury 10Y-2Y yield curve is slipping into darkness.

US consumer confidence is the lowest in 10 years as the yield curve crashes.

Here is the POMO schedule just released by The Fed.

I am reminded of my roommate at University of Wyoming who played James Brown over and over and over again. Much like The Fed doing nothing to curb inflation. Until they finally do something with a crashing yield curve.

Can’t wait for Powell to turn The Fed loose.