Inflation Bomb? US Core PCE Deflator Calms Down To 4.7% YoY, Still Over 2x Fed Inflation Target (Taylor Rule At 10.10%, Still Unachievable)

There’s inflation in the air. The US Core PCE deflator slowed to 4.7% YoY in November. But it is still over 2x The Fed’s inflation target.

The lower core PCE growth of 4.7% YoY results in a Taylor Rule estimate for The Fed Funds Target rate of 10.10%. Which The Fed will never reach, particularly since the House Of Overlords (the US Senate) just passed a grossly irresponisble omnibus bill of $1.7 trillion laden with insidious pork barrel spending and, on a depressing note, billions for border security in Egypt, Oman and other countries, just not our wide-open border with Mexico.

Here are the Lords of Darkness (Schumer and Pelosi) who concocted this witch’s brew of crony payoffs that will be ulitmately signed by El Stupido (Biden).