Hedging Inflation With Real Estate? NAREIT Index Fell “Only” -23.8% Since Last Year (NCREIF Index UP +9.4%)

We all know that US housing weakened in 2022 with inflation and The Fed’s counterattack. But what about equity real estate investment trusts (REITs) and commercial real estate (NCREIF)?

The NAREIT all equity REITs index is down -23.8% since the same date one year ago. Hey, that is better than Cathie Wood’s ARK fund (down -68.4% YoY). Oddly, the NCREIF commerical real estate index was up +9.4% through Q3. Interesting to see the NCREIF index (red line) rising with The Fed Funds Target rate (dashed yellow line).

And US home prices are still growing, but the trend looks like the WWII German battleship Tirpitz sinking.