Where’s The Beef? Challenger Job Cuts At -76%, Initial Jobless Claims Drop To 236K

Between the Biden Administration, Anthony Fauci and the media constantly screaming about the devastating effects of Omicron, I would have expected massive job cuts and a large spike in jobless claims. But alas, the numbers and charts tell a different story.

Today, we saw that the Challenger job cuts for January fell further to 76%. Initial jobless claims fell to 236k. And The Federal Reserve is still hyper-stimulating the economy.

After listening to Biden spokesperson Jen Psaki preparing us for an end-of-times job report, I was expecting today’s news dump to be terrible. But alas, it just looks like another day in Stimulyoptoville.

Hey Jen, where’s the beef? Now that I think of it, Jen Psaki looks like Wendy from the burger franchise. Except that the burger Wendy doesn’t terrify people.