US Inflation Surges To 7.5% YoY, REAL Weekly Wage Growth Falls To -3.1% YoY (Taylor Rule Now Suggests Fed Funds Target Rate Of …18.90%)

As expected, US inflation surged from 7.0% in December to 7.5% in January.

REAL average weekly earnings growth YoY fell to -3.1%.

Energy prices YoY lead the wage (fuel oil UP 46.5% YoY). Used cars and trucks UP 40.5%. At least food is up “only” 7%.

At 7.5% CPI, the Taylor Rule suggests that The Federal Reserve should have their target rate be 18.90%.

At least CORE inflation is “only” 6% YoY.

How about rent CPI? The owner’s equivalent rent of residences rose to 4.09% YoY. Seems a little misleading since home prices nationally are growing at 18.81% YoY.

Fed Funds Futures data points to 6-7 rate HIKES over the coming year. BRACE FOR IMPACT!!

Yes, this is Powell’s famous chili recipe if The Fed actually starts to raise rates and pare back the balance sheet stimulus.