Jay The Revelator! Minutes Show Fed Ready To Raise Rates, Shrink Balance Sheet “Soon” (Mortgage Rates SOAR To 4.23%)

Jay “The Revelator” Powell has told us in The Fed minutes that The Fed is ready to raise rates and shrink the balance “soon.” Sort of like saying “Shock and Awe” is coming.

The minutes of the recent Fed Open Market Committee (FOMC) have been released. Yet they only mention “soon.” Just like when my wife asks me to take out the trash and I reply “soon.” At which point she realizes that I have no intention of doing it.

The REAL 10-year Treasury yield is now -5.44%.

And the 30-year mortgage rate has risen to 4.23% while the REAL 30-year mortgage rate has fallen to -3.7%.

Jay The Revelator sings “Soon!”

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