Weekend Update II: Russian Bonds, Stocks, Ruble And Oil Exports Crash (But Russian 5Y CDS Drops To 554)

Russia is still engaged in its invasion of Ukraine. And the US continues to import crude oil from Russia. In fact, US crude oil imports from Russia soared under Biden only to decline again in December 2021.

On the sovereign bond and currency front, the 5.25% coupon Russian international sovereign bond has crashed to 22.494. And the Ruble/USD cross has crashed as well.

Sberbank Bank 5 1/8% corporate bond has crashed to 25.

The Russian blue-chip stock market (OTOB Russian Traded Index CRTX) has crashed by over 50% since the invasion of Ukraine.

Fortunately, I like Cheerios for breakfast made from oats, since wheat futures are soaring.

Russia’s Credit Default Swap (CDS) 5Y has dropped to a still-elevated 554.

The US really needs to ban Russian crude oil imports, since Biden’s failed in game theory by cutting US energy exploration on Federal lands and offshore drilling.

War is hell, as Vlad “The Ukrainian Impaler” Putin has demonstrated.