Like Persistent Inflation, New Home Sales Rise 4.1% MoM In April Despite M2 Money Collapse (Taylor Rule Suggests Target Rate Of 11.78%, So The Fed Is STILL Overstimulating Markets)

Remember when former Fed Chair and current Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said that inflation was transitory? As usual, Yellen was wrong. Look at April’s new home sales. Up 4.1% since March even through M2 Money growth has collapsed.

The Taylor Rule, based on Core CPI of 5.25% (persistent, not transitory inflation Janet) suggest a Fed target rate of 11.78%. The Fed is at 5.25% and likely to pause rate hikes and maybe even lower rates again.

Babbling Biden! The US Budget Deficit Remains Higher Than Before Covid (Biden Lying … Again) Lagarde Trusts in US Common Sense to Avert Catastrophic Default

Joe Biden is the worst public speaker of any President in history. Here is “Babbling Biden” lying about the great reduction in Federal budget deficit.

First, Biden didn’t “balance the budget” liked he claimed at Hiroshima. In fact, the Federal budget deficit, while improving, is still worse than it was before the 2020 Covid economic shutdown.

Biden, Schumer and Yellen are ignoring the $187 TRILLION in UNFUNDED entitlements promised America, even though Biden keeps threatening to halt Social Security payments if Biden and Yellen default on the debt. No discussion of the runaway train of entitlemennts.

I love this Bloomberg headline: “(ECB’s) Lagarde Trusts in US Common Sense to Avert Catastrophic Default.” Has Lagarde actually talked to Biden, Harris or Yellen? America’s REAL 3 Stooges??

Here is a video of Joe Biden tackling the debt ceiling.

Battered By BidenInflation, 90 Million Americans Struggle Paying Bills As Credit Card Usage Spikes (Biden/Yellen/Schumer Dither As Debt Hits $32 TRILLION With $188 TRILLION In Unfunded Liabilities)

Reminder, the US already has $32 TRILLION in debt and politicians have promised $188 TRILLION in entitlement spending. yet we are sending billions to Ukraine, etc. Yet Biden is visiting Japan (hide your little girls, Hiroshima!) and Biden/Congress still haven’t solved the debt limit crisis and Biden’s insane budget yet. Meanwhile, Americans are suffering from Biden’s inflation (aka, Bidenflation) and bad economic policies.

A large swath of American consumers are facing financial hardship as they grapple with elevated living costs, record-high credit card use, and two years of negative real wage growth. This perfect storm could decimate financially fragile households in the next downturn.  (Zero Hedge).

As many as 89.1 million American adults (or about 38.5%) were found to experience some form of difficulty in covering expenses between April 26 and May 8, according to Bloomberg, citing new data from the Household Pulse Survey. This is up from 34.4% in 2022 and 26.7% during the same period in 2021. 

The rising trend is alarming but not surprising. Consumers have been battered by two years of negative real wage growth.

As wages fail to outpace the cost of living, many consumers have burned through savings and resorted to credit cards. The latest revolving credit data shows consumers appear to be ‘strong,’ but that’s only because they use their plastic cards more than ever to survive

The Household Pulse Survey found struggling households were primarily based across West Coast and the South. 

Compared with the same period last year, the survey found 2.7 million more households were relying on credit cards to cover expenses. 

Consumers have record card debt and ultra-low savings rates and are paying some of the highest borrowing costs in a generation (the average interest rate on cards now exceeds 20%). This debt is becoming insurmountable for some as delinquencies rise

And what we have now is new debit and credit card data published by the Bank of America Institute that shows not just spending slowdown for lower-income consumers, but also the upper-income cohort is finally starting to crack

However, it is appropriate that Biden is visiting Hiroshima Japan where a nuke was detonated to help end World War II.. Biden is doing the same to the US.

Yellen Says Only Good Outcome Is Congress Raising Debt Ceiling (US CDS Remains Elevated As Child-like Biden Refuses To Negotiate The Debt Ceiling)

Treasury Secretary Janet “The Evil Hobbit” Yellen is a Statist. She can only think of an all powerful central government calling the shots since the private sector and individual liberties are something to be eliminated.

So, it is not surprising that Yellen is pushing for Congress to raise the debt ceiling without conditions. Even Democrat Senator Joe Manchin is saying that Biden is ‘Hypocritical’ On Debt-Limit Demands’.

Yellen has mostly declined to spell out what her department would do if Congress fails to raise or suspend the debt limit before the Treasury finds itself unable to cover all the government’s obligations.

Back in Mordor on The Potomac, President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy postponed a meeting on the debt ceiling set for Friday. People familiar with the talks said the postponement was a sign that staff-level talks were yielding progress.

Biden and congressional Republicans have been locked in disagreement for weeks over raising the US federal government’s $31.4 trillion borrowing limit. GOP leaders have demanded promises of future spending cuts before they approve a higher ceiling. Biden has jinsisted on a “clean” increase, with budget talks kept separate.

Now what no one in our lame pro-government media or Congress or Administration has said is the a US debt default does NOT necessarily mean that the US walks away from its debt. Very likely, China and Japan, our two biggest foreign debt holders, will insist on debt restructuring so that the US pays some fraction of debt owed, like 80%.

But foreign debt holders are a relatively small percentage of US debt holders. The Federal Reserve is the largest single borrower, thanks in part to Yellen who has formally Federal Reserve Chair,

Of course, financial entities like Vanguard, Blackrock and Fidelity are the largest holders of US debt. Since pensions invest heavily with these enetitites, the Federal government would restructure the debt rather than outright default.

US CDS 1Y continues to remain high as Biden/Yellen/Schumer play chicken with the lives of the American middle class while the political donor class is clamoring for endless spending and wealth transfers.

Remember, Biden, Yellen and Schumer all Statists and believe that their job is growing Federal government to wear it is all powerful and their donors get billions in subsidies and wealth transfers. You don’t think green energy subsidies make any common sense, do you? Wind turbines (aka, whale and eagle killing machines) are ineffective. We need nuclear power but Progressives fear nuclear power as much as they have Donald Trump.

Apocalypse Now? Statist Paul Krugman Says There’s No Real Risk To The Dollar Unless The US Defaults On Its Debt ($187 TRILLION In Unfunded Liabilites That Keep Growing Requiring MORE Debt)

The Federal government in Washington DC is broken beyond repair. Politicians get elected by promising free or cheap things, so they keep delivering the bacon. Or pork to political donors. The top 1% get massive payoffs (like green energy subsidies or bank bailouts), the bottom 99% get out of control entitlements like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. And other unsustainable entitlements. In fact, student loans are now an entitlement since some voters will vote for the corrupt politician (no, Joe Biden isn’t the only corrupt politician in Washington DC) who will forgive their student loans.

In fact, we now have $187 TRILLION in UNFUNDED liabilities that were promised to the 99%. The 1% will always get their political contributions paid. Biden and Schumer have promised their donor class trillions in spending, so that are threatening to let the US debt default to protect the 1%.

And unfunded entitlements are expected to soar, particularly Medicare.

Mandatory spending is expected to soar while discretionary spending is almost flat in terms of growth.

Meanwile, the US credit default swap remains elevated as the US Treasury short curve (2Y-3M) is near the most inverted in history.

And this headline, “Biden Not Ready Yet to Invoke 14th Amendment to Avoid US Default”. That means Biden would adopt extraordinary powers to prevent a debt default. Hence, the idiocy like the trillion dollar coin.

Nobel Laureate and Statist useful idiot Paul Krugman wants to keep spending trillions. As a result, he argues “Don’t worry about the declining US dollar hegemony … as long as the US doesn’t default.” Translation: Krugman agrees with Dementia Joe that Republicans should just pass Biden’s budget with no strings attached. C’mon Krugman. The growth of BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India, South Africa and growing) is partly due to 1) perceived weakness of Senile Grandpa Joe and 2) the fiscal spending and debt growth in Washington DC. Of course it matters, but Krugman wants to keep spending on green lunacy and entitlements until we break the back of the country. Sounds like Krugman is on board with Cloward-Piven.

They can’t cut promised entitlements. Look at France where Macron raised the retirement age by 2 years and there are endless riots. So debt default is the only option, though painful.

Will Congress and future administrations stop prominsing endless spending that benefits the 1%? Not likely. Our political system is hopelessly broken.

I am sure that China’s Communist Party has sent Dementia Joe a message “We own you! You better not default on what you owe us!!” Or default so we can own you financially.

Three of the four horsemen of the financial apocalypse. Yellen is the fourth horseman, but is too short to appear in the picture.

The Highlander Banking System: PacWest Says in Talks With Potential Partners After Share Plunge (But Powell Promise That The Banking Crisis Is Close To Over)

As Connor MacLeod said in the film Highlander, “There can only be one!” The US banking system under Joe Biden’s Reign of Error is like the film Highlander: apparently, there can only be one bank. And it is likely JP Morgan Chase.

Take the JP Morgan Chase (JPMC) acquisition of First Republic Bank:

In Acquiring First Republic Bank, JP Morgan Has:

  1. Bypassed laws against acquiring bank while controlling 10%+ of US deposits
  2. Shared $13 billion in losses with the FDIC
  3. Received a $50 billion loan from the FDIC
  4. Effectively bought back its own deposits
  5. Expects to profit $5 billion+ over the next 5 years

This crisis has taught us that rules don’t matter in times of panic, particularly to regulators.

And now we have PacWest Bancorp. Lender says it’s been approached by potential investors. Bill Ackman warns US regional banking system at risk.

The turmoil at PacWest shows how investor angst still remains elevated after a string of failures and deposit outflows in the sector despite Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s assurance Wednesday that authorities were closer to containing the crisis. It’s reignited the debate over whether more US regional lenders will fall after this year’s collapse of SVB Financial Group’s Silicon Valley Bank, Silvergate Capital Corp., Signature Bank and most recently First Republic Bank.

Smaller banks are under pressure after a year of interest-rate hikes hammered the value of their bond holdings and drove unrealized losses to an estimated $1.84 trillion. Trouble in commercial real estate is adding to the pain, while depositors take their money out to seek better returns elsewhere. These stresses have put the spotlight on these lenders, which typically have fewer resources to defend themselves.

We are seeing a consolidation of the banking system .. again as smaller and regional banks fail and get gobbled up by the Too-Big-To-Fail (TBTF) banks like … JP Morgan Chase.

Biden’s Reign of Error is not over yet. His campaign slogan (which was also Bill Clinton’s campaign reelection slogan) is “Finish the job!” With Biden’s idiotic mortgage idea of punishing borrowers with good credit and giving subsidies to those with bad credit, Biden is trying to finish off the US economy and banking system.

We are in for more hell.

Life Under Biden! US Sovereign Risk, US Debt Roar To Record Highs As Inflation Remains High … In One Chart!

This is life under Joe Biden. Record sovereign risk, record high debt, near 40-year highs in inflation, a hot war in Ukraine with Russia, failure of DOJ/FBI to do anything about the content of Hunter Biden’s laptop, repression of free speech, soaring crime, out of control borders. Should I keep going? It is a disastrous mess created by Obama/Biden and their creepy allies.

US sovereign risk just hit 130, the highest since CDS was recorded. This alligns with Biden/Congress massive borrow and spend policies where Federal debt has soared to it highest level in history. Inflation, while cooling, remains high.

On the housing front, REAL national home price growth is negative which makes sense since REAL average hourly wage growth has been negative for the last 24 months.

And just over the past year, commericial bank deposits are falling like a paralyzed falcon.

Biden and Obama’s chief hack in the White House, Susan Rice, are burning down the house.

And she was.

Millennials Are Slowest Generation To Hit 50% Homeownership, Fear That Fed Is Making A Permanent Renter Class (Fed Policy Errors Strike Again!)

Former Federal Reserve Chair and current Treaury Secretary Janet “The Evil Hobbit” Yellen has created numerous catestrophic messes thanks to Fed policy errors, both at The Fed and now as Treasury Secretary.

For example, the massive almost hysterical overreaction of The Fed under Powell (following Yellen’s Reign of Error) to the Covid economic shutdowns resulted in a massive surge in M2 Money growth [green line].

The result? REAL US housing prices soared while REAL averge hourly wage growth was negative for 24 straight months. THAT is the Fed error induced housing policy blunder. But it did increase the US homeownership rate (blue line).

A massive spike in REAL home prices coupled with 24 straight months of negative REAL hourly wages is hitting millenials hard. In fact, millennials are the slowest generation to hit 50% homeownership rate.

In fact, according to Apartment List, millenial rents are giving up on homeownership.

As a result, The Federal government is making yet another idiotic policy error to cope with the effects of Fed money printing. Subsidizing high-risk homebuyers — at the cost of those with good credit.

Under the new rules, high-credit buyers with scores ranging from 680 to above 780 will see a spike in their mortgage costs – with applicants who place 15% to 20% down payment experiencing the biggest increase in fees.

“This was a blatant and significant cut of fees for their highest-risk borrowers and a clear increase in much better credit quality buyers – which just clarified to the world that this move was a pretty significant cross-subsidy pricing change,” added Stevens, who is also the former CEO of the Mortgage Bankers Association.

Jeder nach seinen Fähigkeiten, jedem nach seinen Bedürfnissen (German for “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” – Karl Marx.

Remember, the US got into trouble in the early 2000s by pushing homeownership and lowering credit standards for lower income households. It was a Clinton-era policy error called “The National Homeownership Strategy: Partners in the American Dream.” There is a video of then HUD Secretary Andrew Cuomo (yes, THAT Andrew Cuomo) saying that the US should risk higher mortgage defaults so low income households could buy a home … then default. Frankly, Washington DC should get out of the housing business altogether. But nooooo. They are now going to make things even worse.

Janet Yellen: The most terrifying person in the world!

Going Down! CMBX Declines Below 70% As Fed Hikes Rates (Trouble In Commercial Real Estate?)

Freddie King said it best. We’re going down. At least the commercial real estate market.

As The Fed raises rates to combat inflation, we are witnessing a serious decline in Markit’s CMBX BBB S15 index.

We’re going down, at least the commercial real estate market.

Here is a photo of Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen ready to address problems in the commercial real estate market.

Sink The Banks? Deutsche Bank Credit Default Swaps Soar As ECB Raises Rates (DB’s Notional Derivatives Dwarf German GDP By A Factor >20)

Are central banks like The Federal Reserve and European Central Bank ({ECB) sinking the banks?

Deutsche Bank, Germany’s largest bank (eerily like Germany’s World War II battleship The Bismarck) is seeing a blow out in its 1-year credit default swaps (CDS) as the ECB cranks up it main refinancing rate to fight inflation.

And then we have Deutsche’s Banks gross notional derivatives exposure (Euro 55.6 TRILLLION) dwarfing German GDP (Euro 2.7 Trillion). By a factor of greater than 20! Now, THAT’S a lot of derivatives exposure.

On the bond front (the NEW eastern front), we see the US Treasury 2-year yield rising 17.1 basis points. But European sovereign yields are up double digits as well (except for Italy).

Sink the banks?