Sloth-Slow? Fed Expected To Raise Target Rate 75 Basis Points As Recession Fears Grow (Trying To Force A Recession??)

Generally speaking, The Federal Reserve cuts rates as a recession approaches. But not this time!

The Federal Reserve is expected to raise their target rate by 75 basis points at the next FOMC meeting.

We are already seeing Fed rate hikes being priced into the mortgage markets, as Bankrate’s 30-year mortgage rate fell to 5.57% after rising above 6% in June. The reason? Recession fears have caused Treasury yields to fall.

The Fed is hiking their target rate, but has been sloth-slow in unwinding their balance sheet.

Yes, The Fed has been sloth-slow in removing the Covid-related stimulus. But is The Fed trying to pull a “Volcker” by raising rate to choke off inflation EVEN IF THE ECONOMY ENTERS RECESSION? Fed Funds Futures data is pointing to a reversal of Fed rate hikes by Feb 2023.

Here is Fed Chair Jerome Powell showing the amount of Covid-related stimulus removed recently.