Limbo Rock! How Low Can The Treasury Yield Curve Go? (Now At -70 Basis Points, Most Inverted Since 1981)

How low will the US Treasury 10y-2y yield curve go?

As of today, the US Treasury 10yr-2yr yield curve is the most inverted since 1981 at -70 basis points.

Meanwhile, equity put/call ratio from CBOE spiked yesterday to highest since 1997.

I am disappointed that The New York Times cancelled their $2,400 event to listen to Sam The Sham Bankman-Fried, Vlad “Show my your money!” Zelensky, Larry “The Big Fink” Fink and Janet “We never saw it coming” Yellen. I would have loved to do the New York Times job for them and ask hard questions to Sam The Sham and Zelensky about money laundering.