Fed Stands Still Despite 7% Inflation And 3.9% Unemployment (Taylor Rule Suggests Almost 18% For Target Rate, Fed Stays At 0.25%)

Despite inflation growing at 7% (versus The Fed’s target rate of 2%) and U-3 unemployment being only 3.9%, one would have thought that Jay and The Gang would have started increasing rates at the January meeting.

But nooooo. The Fed actually sat on their hands and did nothing.

What did The Fed say?

“The Committee seeks to achieve maximum employment and inflation at the rate of 2 percent over the longer run. In support of these goals, the Committee decided to keep the target range for the federal funds rate at 0 to 1/4 percent. With inflation well above 2 percent and a strong labor market, the Committee expects it will soon be appropriate to raise the target range for the federal funds rate. The Committee decided to continue to reduce the monthly pace of its net asset purchases, bringing them to an end in early March. Beginning in February, the Committee will increase its holdings of Treasury securities by at least $20 billion per month and of agency mortgage‑backed securities by at least $10 billion per month.

According to The Fed Funds Futures data, the market is anticipating 1 rate increase at the March FOMC meeting. And another at the June FOMC meeting.

The Taylor Rule (not used by Jay and The Gang), suggests that The Fed should have their target rate at almost 18%! NOT 0.25%.

The Fed stands still.