The Shadow Knows! Wu-Xia Shadow Fed Rate Is -0.1974% As Inflation (7.5%) Dwarfs Wage Growth (5.1%) And Q1 GDPNow Falls To 1.285%

The Shadow Knows!

Wu-Xia employs an approximation that makes a nonlinear term structure model extremely tractable for analysis of an economy operating near the zero lower bound for interest rates. It can be used to summarize the macroeconomic effects of unconventional monetary policy (ZIRP + QE). The Shadow Rate is now -0.1974%.

The good news? The Atlanta Fed Wage Growth tracker is showing a 5.1% wage growth. The bad news? Inflation is ruining that growth at a whopping 7.5% rate leaving REAL wage growth at -2.4%.

And the Atlanta Fed’s GDPNow Q1 forecast is a measly 1.285%. Apparently, the fiscal and monetary stimulypto has worn out.

And liquidity in the equity market has seemingly vanished.

The Biden Administration and Congress need a distraction from the awful inflation news caused by Biden’s energy policies, sheer wasteful spending and Federal Reserve policy errors (too much monetary stimulus for too long).