PPI Final Demand Prices Highest In History As 2Y Treasury Yield Declines, Mortgage Rates Steady At 5.14% (All Roads Lead To … Joe And Jay)

Harry Truman once uttered the phrase “The buck stops here.” Joe Biden’s catchphrase should be “It’s Russia’s fault!”

Well, all roads led to Joe and Jay. Here is a chart of Producer Price Index (Final Goods) prices YoY, now the highest in history. At least, gasoline prices are declining to $4.083 (they were $2.40 when Biden was installed as President). But inflation is out of control and the 30-year mortgage rate is now 5.14% (mortgage rates were 2.82% in February 2021 just after Biden took control).

Just in case you wonder why I follow Fed Funds Futures data so closely.

Equity markets are up strongly today as markets sense a weakening in resolve by The Federal Reserve (number of expected rate hikes dropped at 10AM EST).

It appears that we have a “Powell in the headlights” problem.

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