Too Much Money! U.S. Consumer Spending Drops, Price Index Up Most Since 1982 (REAL Personal Spending Fell 1% In December)

This is a case of “Too much money” in the economy, courtesy of The Federal Reserve.

(Bloomberg) — U.S. inflation-adjusted consumer spending fell last month by the most since February, suggesting that Americans tempered their outlays amid the latest Covid-19 wave and the fastest inflation in nearly 40 years.

Purchases of goods and services, adjusted for changes in prices, decreased 1% from November, the Commerce Department said Friday. 

The personal consumption expenditures price gauge, which the Federal Reserve uses for its inflation target, rose 0.4% from a month earlier and 5.8% from December 2020, the most since 1982. Unadjusted for inflation, spending fell 0.6%, while incomes rose 0.3%.

Yes, the PCE Deflator YoY rose to 5.8% as M2 Money Stock is growing at a 13.1% YoY clip.

REAL personal spending declined 1% in December as prices rose in part thanks to the 13.1% growth in M2 Money stock YoY.

Too much money! Time to slow down, Jay Powell! Stop sucking the life out people with inflation.