Fed Week! 10Y Treasury Yield UP 11.1 BPS, Mortgage Rates UP To 4.33%, Oil Down 7.5% (Russian, Ukraine Sovereign Curves Collapsing)

Yes, it is the much anticipated Fed Week! The Fed Open Market Committee (FOMC) will announce it decision (probably the first rate hike under Biden of 25 basis points).

This morning, the 10-year Treasury yield rose by 11.1 basis points and the Bankrate 30Y mortgage rate rose to 4.33%.

Actually, sovereign yields are up around 10 basis points in the US, Canada, and across the pond.

Fed Funds Futures are pointing to 7 rate hikes over the next year with 1.114 rate hikes on Wednesday. That means The FOMC may raise rates MORE than the 25 basis points expected my many (including me).

The US Treasury actives curve remains steeply upward sloping while both the Russian and Ukraine sovereign curves are steeply inverted and crashing.

Russia has pushed the weighted average maturity of its dollar sovereign bonds out to almost 12 years.

The most hilarious headline of the day is a Bloomberg opinion piece: “Fighting Inflation May Require the Fed to Be Brutal: Clive Crook” How about the Biden Administration relaxing oil drilling and pipeline restraints? Otherwise, brutal translates into causing a recession. Great suggestion, Clive! … NOT!