Now A Warning? Dallas Fed Warns That A Housing Bubble Is Brewing (Too Late, Its Already Here!)

This clip from the Bruce Willis and Meryl Streep film “Death Becomes Her” perfectly represents the predicament surrounding The Federal Reserve’s loose monetary policies and housing prices: “Now a warning” after Meryl Streep ingests The Fed’s magic monetary elixir.

The Dallas Federal Reserve issued a warning recently that a housing bubble is brewing … after the economy drank its magic monetary elixir. We can see the housing bubble clearly (defined as the spread between REAL home price growth and REAL average hourly earnings). Notice that the current housing bubble looks similar to the infamous 2005 housing bubble. And the US is seeing several months of the spread between REAL home price growth and REAL hourly earnings be even higher than the peak of the 2005 bubble.

The Federal Reserve is starting to slow down its asset purchases, so we should see a cooling of the housing bubble. Unless, of course, The Fed changes its tune from quantitative tightening (QT) back to quantitative easing (QE) … again.

The Dallas Fed has a measure of housing “exuberance” which shows a bubble forming, but not there yet. I like the spread between real house price growth and real hourly earnings better.

The Dallas Fed also has a price-to-rent chart also showing growing exuberance.

But if we look at the Case-Shiller National HPI YoY to US CPI Urban Consumers Owners Equivalent Rent of Residences YoY we see that the US is currently experiencing a price-to-rent ratio higher than the peak of the 2005 house price bubble. What is the culprit? The vast expansion of monetary and fiscal Stimuylpto surrounding the Covid outbreak in early 2020.

So, the Dallas Fed thinks that is a house price bubble is brewing, but it has actually been in the works since QE3 in 2013 (bubble 2), but really took off with The Fed’s stimulypto and Federal COVID spending surrounding the COVID outbreak in early 2020.

Here is a rare video of Fed Chair Jerome Powell at the recent Fed Open Market Committee meeting deciding on removing the toxic monetary elixir from the system.

Here is a video of Jordan Spieth at the Valero Open engaging in putting errors like The Fed’s policy errors.