The Inflation Hydra! Los Angeles Diesel Prices UP 176% Under Biden While Strategic Petroleum Reserve DOWN -34.7%

Inflation is a multi-headed hydra (from Greek Mythology). It is composed of 1) monetary stimulus (that The Fed is slowly withdrawing), 2) massive, reckless Federal spending and 3) Biden’s anti-fossil fuel mandates. So, when the inflation numbers are out later this week, it will be fun to dissect the damage being done to the US economy and middle-class/low-wage workers.

Take Los Angeles, for example. The life blood of the shipping industry, diesel fuel, is UP 176% under Biden, despite declining for a short period of time. And the DOE Strategic Petroleum Reserve is DOWN -34.7% under Biden.

Here is a photo of Jerome Powell (Fed Chair) trying to fight the inflation hydra. Unfortunately, one of the inflation hydra heads is The Federal Reserve itself.

Thanks to Gustavo Fuhr!