Challenger Job Cuts Rise 440% In January As Fed Liquidity Shrinks (US Treasury 10Y Yield Down -3.5 BPS)

President Biden had better give his State of the Union Address before the economy worsens any more.

In January, the Challenger, Gray and Christmas jobs cuts index was a doozy. Jobs cuts rose 440%. This is happening as The Federal Reserve keeps its feet on the monetary brake pedal.

The Challenger report shows a big jump of 135.8 percent in layoff intentions to 102,943 in January, up from 43,651 in December and 440.0 percent higher than the 19,064 in January 2022. Many of the job cuts are in the tech sector, but job cuts are now spreading across the economy as a recession looms.

This morning, the US Treasury 10-year yield is down only -3.5 basis points, but it is Europe where the action is. UK is down -16.2 basis points and Italy is down -14.8 bps. UPDATE: US 10Y yield down -5.3 BPS, Italy 10Y down -29 bps.