Wooden Head! Biden’s Claim Of More Jobs Created In His First Two Years Was Blatantly False, Trump Added 12,539k Jobs In 9 Months After Covid While Biden Added 12,104k Jobs (Nonfarm Payrolls UP 517k In January While ADP Jobs Lost Almost 1 Million?)

While Joe Biden may not have a wooden heart, he definitely has a wooden head. Particularly given the number of whoppers he told during the State of Joe Biden’s Mind speech last night.

Biden took credit for creating more jobs in two years than any administration had in four years. Well, that is incredibly misleading (but it is Joe Biden after all). The US economy saw an economic shutdown in 2020, then a “revival” after the government shutdowns ended.

What Biden failed to mention in his SOTU address was that 12,539k jobs were added under Trump from May 2020 through January 2021. Once Biden was installed as President, jobs added under Biden was 12,104k through January 2023. Heck, Biden didn’t even beat Trump’s last year in office!

I am using the BLS numbers which showed that amazing January jobs report of 517k jobs added. Amazing, particularly since M2 Money growth YoY has stalled.

But ADP jobs added in January shows a different picture: -986,000 jobs lost in January.

BLS or ADP, what’s it going to be?