Inflation Nation! US REAL Average Hourly Earnings Negative For 22 Staight Months In January As Inflation Heats Up … Again (CPI Rises 0.5% MoM, Food Rises 11.3% YoY)

The January US inflation numbers are out and they were grim.

US REAL average hourly earnings fell … again … to -1.8% year-over-year (YoY) from a revised -1.6% YoY in Deember. That makes 22 straight months of negative hourly earning growth.

CPI Month-over-month (MoM) was revised upward for December, and increased from 0.1% in December to 0.5% in January. CORE CPI remained unchanged from the upward revision in December to 0.4% MoM.

Components of inflation include FOOD AT HOME (up 11.3% YoY), utility (piped) gas service (up 26.7% YoY) and shelter (up 7.9% YoY). So, the middle-class inflation tax (food, heating, housing) remains high.

Do I detect a trend in shelter inflation??

Hey, I thought Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said inflation was transitory. 22 straight months of negative hourly earnings growth seems more permanent than transitory.