Real Wage Growth Falls To -1.9% As Inflation Rises To 6.8% In November (Taylor Rule Rate Rises To 16.94% While Fed Remains At 0.25%)

Inflation keeps rising and consumers keep getting hurt. No wonder President Biden’s team sent out a media splash asking them to put a smile on that face and hype the economic recovery.

Real wage growth fell to -1.9% YoY in the latest Consumer Price release. As The Fed keeps its massive foot on the monetary gas pedal.

The overall Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose 6.8% YoY.

The biggest gains in Consumer Prices were for energy with gasoline rising 58.1% YoY. But almost nothing was spared the rod of government policies.

Core inflation (CPI – energy – food) rose to 4.9% YoY, the highest since 1991.

The Taylor Rule, what The Fed Funds Target rate SHOULD be, rose to 16.94%. Versus the current rate of 0.25%. Its as if The Fed Open Market Committee is watching Tik-Tok instead of the economic numbers.