US Treasury Yield Curve Descends Further Into Darkness (-48.4 BPS) As Supply Of Homes Increases 30.7% In June (Fed Is Cooling Off Housing Market)

The US Treasury 10Y-2Y yield curve is descending further into darkness (aka, inversion).

The 10Y-2Y yield curve hit the worst inversion since 2000 as the curve slope hit -47.7 basis points, inverting another -2.267 basis points today.

Yes, the 10Y-2Y Treasury yield curve is SCREAMING RECESSION.

(Bloomberg) – Prashant Gopal – The supply of homes for sale across the US grew at a record rate last month, another sign that higher mortgage costs are cooling down the housing market.

The number of active listings nationwide jumped 31% from a year earlier, a record-high increase for a third straight month, according to a report Tuesday by 

And according to Redfin, stale inventory is accelerating.

The Federal Reserve is no friend of the US middle class and low wage worker.