Green Man! Mortgage Rate Remains Steady Ahead Of Dec 14th Fed Meeting (Part Of The Bigger Slowdown Picture, Not Government Policy) 50 BPS Increase Expected

The good news for Americans? The global slowdown is helping to lower US Treasury yields which, in turn, helps to help to lower US mortgages rates. Kind of a perverse “good news” story when you think about it.

The bigger picture is the slowdown caused by 1) a global economic slowdown and 2) the tightening of Fed monetary policy to fight inflation.

Look at the Case-Shiller national home price growth YoY (blue line) against M2 Money growth YoY (green line). Just move the green line to the right and it covers home price growth. Both are slowing down with anticipated Fed rate hikes (red line) now at 50 basis points for the December 14th FOMC meeting. And note that The Fed’s balance sheet (orange line) has barely budged.

Here is a video of Fed Chair Jerome Powell filming American households reaction to Fed tightening thanks to Biden/DC inflation.

Jerome Powell on the left, American middle class on right.