US Treasury’s Disastrous 3-Year Auction! High Rate Rises To 4.073% As Allotment To Dealers And Brokers Collapses (Stop Through Yield Crashes To Lowest Level In Years)

After Jerome Powell raved about the strong US labor market and oddly ignored the staggering crowding-out of US interest payments on its massive debt, the US Treasury’s 3-year debt auction was … a Hinderburg moment.

First, the high yield at today’s auction of 3-year Treasury notes was 4.073%. This occured as the allotment to brokers and dealers collapsed along with M2 Money growth YoY.

Then we have this horrible chart of the 3Y auction stop through, crashing into uncharted waters. A stop-through indicates when the highest yield the Treasury sold in the auction is below the highest yield expected when the auction began – the “when issued” level.

Here is the rest of the auction story.