The Tighten Up! Banks Tightening Credit Boxes As Median Age Of US Homebuyers Rises From 31 To 47

The Federal Reserve is doing Archie Bell and The Drells “Do The Tighten Up!”

Over the fourth quarter, significant net shares of banks reported having tightened standards on C&I loans to firms of all sizes.

Banks also reported having tightened all queried terms on C&I loans to firms of all sizes.

Actually, banks are tightening standards across the various credit boxes.

And as banks tighten up their credit box, we are seeing the median age of US homebuyers rising from 31 to 47 years.

As banks tighten, we are seeing a slow down in the growth rate for C&I lending and 1-4 unit mortgage lending.

This is reminding me of Germany where you save for your entire life to buy a home.

Somehow, I don’t think Biden will mention any of this is his State of the Union address tonight.