US Personal Consumption Expenditures Revised Downwards To Lowest Print (1%) Under Biden’s Reign Of Error (WARN Notices Rising, Particularly In Large States)

The Covid outbreak in early 2020 (from which I came close to dying) resulted in legendary Fed stimulus and Federal government spending. But as The Fed attempts to cool inflation by slowing M2 Money printing and raising The Fed’s target rate, we are seeing the lowest personal consumption expenditures print under Biden’s reign of error, a measly 1%.

On top of the dismal revision to the Q4, we are seeing WARN notices increasing, particularly for large states. Worker Adjustment and Retraining (WARN) Notices are picking up which points to unemployment claims soon rising and a deterioration in the jobs market, posing a risk to stocks.

Biden’s reign of error continues with horrible policies. With the help of Congress.