Addicted To Gov! Biden Has Added $3.7 Trillion In Public Debt, Not Suprising That M2 Money Velocity Is Rising (But Still Below Pre-Covid Spending Splurge)

Under Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi (now Hakeem Jeffries), the US economy is addicted to gov … spending and debt.

Some are marvelling that M2 Money VELOCITY (GDP/M2) is rising as if this is a miracle. It isn’t. Under Biden, public debt has increased by $3.7 trillion. But as The Fed pulls back and M2 Money growth slows, M2 Money Velocity is rising. But still below historic levels.

Doctor, doctor (Yellen). We have a bad case of excessive and wasteful Federal spending and debt.

China doesn’t have to invade the US. Biden, Schumer and Jeffries are destroying the country on their own.

While Biden is bailing out banks and Ukraine (and taking bribes from China), I am struggling to buy a bottle of wine.