Flight To Safety! US 10yr Treasury Yield FALLS -12.2 BPS, UK 10yr Yield FALLS -46.6% BPS (UK Natural Gas Futures UP 16.37%)

It is going to be a bad day in markets. As I often mentioned in my classes, any 10 basis point shift in Treasury yields is a big deal.

On the bond side, the US Treasury 10-yr yield fell -12.2 basis points as investors run for cover. The UK 10 yr yield fell -46.6 basis points.

On the commodity side, we see WTI crude up 1.12%, heating oil up 1.92% and … UK Natural Gas Futures up 16.37%.

The natural gas leak in the Baltic Sea might have something to do with global jitters.

Here is a map of the gas leak.

I will have to turn on “The View” to find out who sabotaged the natural gas pipeline. /sarc

No, I don’t think Biden yelling at gasoline companies to lower prices has anything to do with market turmoil today. Its just another day under Joe Biden.