Devil’s Tower? ISM New Orders Slump To 45.2 In December As ISM Prices Paid Slumps To 39.4 (Stimulus Is Already Gone, Recession In Sight)

To paraphrase The Eagles, US monetary stimulus is already gone.

And with it, ISM Manufacturing Report for December is showing weakness. New orders (orange line) is down to 45.2 (below 50 is contraction) and the prices paid is down to 39.4 (white line). All this is happening as The Fed raises its target rate (yellow line) and removes monetary stimulus (green line).

This gives us “The Devil’s Tower” looking economic spike after massive Covid-related monetary stimulus and Federal government repeated stimulus.

Biden is probably hoping for MORE stimulus, like in Close Encounters of the Wrong Kind.

Speaking of Already Gone, look at the US Treasury 10Y-2Y yield curve with slowing M2 Money growth. Yield curve inversion is more about vanishing M2 Money growth than it is a forecast of recession.