Give The Fed 3 Steps! The Fed’s Overreaction To Covid Shutdown (Over Twice The Reaction To The Crippling Financial Crisis Of 2008/2009)

There is a fascinating film about the 2008/2009 financial crisis called “The Big Short.” Actually, Iiked a similar film a little more called “Margin Call” where the infamous fire sale of securities (primarily subprime asset-backed securities).

But despite how bad the financial crisis of 2008/2009 was, the growth of Fed assets on it balance sheet (orange oval) paled in comparison to The Fed’s overreaction to the Covid outbreak of 2020. And the government shutdowns and mask mandates.

The good news? The rate of growth YoY of both The Fed’s balance sheet and M2 Money is negative. But it is still startling to see the comparison of Fed reactions to crises.

Give The Fed three steps to catch up to the mayhem they created. Particularly in inflation home prices.

They call Janet Yellen, former Fed Chair and current Treasury Secretary “The Breeze” because idiotic monetary policies just blow over her head.

After all, The Fed is way behind the curve on raising rates.

All this is happening as the interest paid on our rapidly expanding Federal debt is getting Titanic-like.