Fed Fireball? US PPI Final Demand UP +11.3% YoY As Fed May Raise Rates 100 Basis Points At July 27th FOMC Meeting (Stocks In A Sea of Red)

Face it. The Biden Administration has little interest in trying to increase the supply fossil fuel energy which would anger his “green” base (like building more refineries or allowing for more crude oil and natural gas exploration). So, the burden of “inflation fighting” falls on the frail shoulders of The Federal Reserve.

Given today’s US Producer Price Index Final Demand prices rising +11.3% YoY in June, it seems that The Fed has not been able to extinguish the “Tower of Inflation.” But, Fed Funds Futures are pointing to a near 100 basis point (or 1%) increase in The Fed Funds target rate at the July 27th Fed Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting.

The Fed Funds Futures Data points to a +0.920 (almost 1%) increase at the July 27th FOMC meeting. Followed by rate cuts.

And with the fear of a near 100 basis point increase, today’s stock markets are a sea of red.

It is up to Fed Chair Jerome Powell and policy error brigade to extinguish price increases caused by 1) bad Biden energy policies and 2) too much spending by Biden and Congress. It is like trying to wave-down the Super Chief train with a cigarette lighter.

Yet, the Frail Fed will try to waive down The Super Chief inflation engine with Fed Fireballs. Aka, rate increases of 100 basis points.

Update! Dow down over 500 points this AM.