Grizzly Bear! US Existing Home Sales Crash -14.24% YoY In June As Fed Strangles Housing Market (Median Price 13.27% YoY As Inventory Still MIA)

Instead of The Boston Strangler, we now have the DC Strangler. Better known as The Federal Reserve and their war on inflation.

US existing home sales crashed -14.24% YoY and -5.40% MoM in June as The Fed tightens its icy grip on the housing market. Existing home sales were lower than expected at 5.12 million home sold SAAR.

Median price for existing home sales declined to 13.27% YoY as inventory available for sale remains MIA. And The Fed’s balance sheet is still out in force.

The US housing market in terms of sales has entered a bear market, but with The Fed’s balance sheet stimulus still hunting asset prices, it is a grizzly bear market in terms of affordability.