Slowdown! ADP Jobs Added Only 132k Jobs In August As Fed M2 Money Growth Slows

Its a slowdown!

The ADP National Employment Report SA Private Nonfarm Level Change printed this morning confirming what most of us already knew … the US economy is slowing if not already in recession.

The ADP jobs added grew by only 132k in August as The Fed’s M2 Money growth slowed.

Since The Federal Reserve and Federal government overstimulated the economy when Covid surfaced in early 2020, The Fed’s balance sheet expanded to near $9 TRILLION which helped existing home sales median price YoY hit 25.2% in May 2021 but falling to 10.8% YoY in July 2022 as The Fed tightened rates.

It will be a monetary inferno if The Fed decides to actually unwind its $9 trillion balance sheet.