Help US, McCarthy! Price of Insuring Against US Debt Default Remains Elevated As No End In Sight (Effective Rate Of Interest On US Mortgage Rate Rises)

Everyone seems to have amnesia about Joe Biden’s hatred of Social Security and Medicare. He has tried to cut Social Security, Medicare and Veteran’s benefits as a US Senator. In addition, it was Biden that led the charge to TAX Social Security benefits for seniors. Now Biden has pivoted and is claiming that Republicans are the ones that want to cut Social Security. Wow. Biden simply goes where the political winds blow.

Here is where we set today. The cost of insuring for a US debt default remains elevated as the US has hit its statutory debt limit. This is happening at the effective rate of interest on US mortgage debt is rising.

Help us McCarthy! Because Biden and Schumer don’t want to cut ANY spending.

We need somebody like Mr. Garvey from Key and Peele to lead the debt ceiling debate.

But never fear! Congress LOVES to spend your money, so will eventually raise the debt ceiling.