US Housing Starts Decline -0.1% YoY In August (But Apartment Starts UP 28.57% MoM!) As Fed Removes Monetary Stimulus

The US is short on housing stock and remains short in August. While housing starts in August seems fantastic (12.8% MoM), the YoY growth in housing supply is down -0.1% as mortgage rates soar and The Fed removes monetary stimulus.

On a month-over-month (MoM) basis, 1-unit (single family detached) were up only 3.43% in August. 5+ unit (multifamly) starts were up 28.57% in August.

Since the Biden Administration has allowed over 2 million illegal to flow across the southern border, apartment space is in high demand.

According to RentCafe, the hottest rental markets in the USA are Miami, Orlando, SW Florida and … Harrisburg PA (the temporary home of uber-leftist PA Lt Governor John Fetterman). Perhaps Fetterman is letting illegal immigrants stay in his Harrisburg mansion, unlike President Obama on Martha’s Vineyard.

Why isn’t Biden letting illegal immigrants stay in his massive summer mansion in Reboboth Beach, DL?

C’mon man!

The Grapes Of Wrath! Misery Index (Inflation + Unemployment) Remains Elevated Post COVID, Renter Misery Index Skyrockets (REAL Wage Growth Remains NEGATIVE)

The misery index is traditionally inflation rate plus U-3 unemployment rate. The RENTER misery index is the Zillow Rent Index YoY + U-3 unemployment rate to demonstrate the hardship of renters because of soaring home prices.

Notice that because of rising home prices, the Renter misery index has overwhelmed the improvement in unemployment.

As I typically do, I will now include The Fed’s balance sheet (as a proxy for Fed stimulus and supporting Federal government expenditures). Yes, you can see that The Fed and Federal government are responsible for our modern day “Grapes of Wrath.”

If we look at the TRADITIONAL misery index, we see that misery remains above 10 (it was below 6 prior to the COVID outbreak in early 2020).

Remember that the REAL average hourly earning growth of Americans is NEGATIVE. Gains in wage growth more than offset by inflation.

I won’t even mention how inflation is crushing retirees since Social Security and pension plans rarely adequately compensate retirees for inflation.

Now for the really bad news. 81-year old senior, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, has announced that she is running for Congress yet again from leftist-stronghold San Francisco. Although she has an expensive home in Georgetown and a beautiful vineyard in Napa Valley. Pelosi’s vineyard only sells grapes to other wine makers. Not bad for a career civil servant!

I really wanted Pelosi to produce a wine called “The Grapes of Wrath” in honor of her insider trading and massive wasteful spending of taxpayer money that has helped generate inflation, rampant government debt growth and hurting retirees and hourly workers.